How is online customisation done!

How is online customisation done!
  • How is online customisation done?
  1. Our designers will request the bride to share full size pictures to understand what silhouette will suit the bride.

  2. Thereafter, the designer will request the bride for her inspiration pictures and also try to understand what aspect of the inspiration picture the bride wants to incorporate in her wedding dress.
  3. The designer will also suggests modifications or additions in the design so as to suit the bride.
  4. A sketch will be drawn based on the discussion and will be sent to the bride on WhatsApp. Together with this, we’ll also forward pictures of materials that could be used for the lehenga and blouse. If the bride has any specific fabric / lace / embroidery applique requirement then we’ll try to source similar options and the pictures will be forwarded to the bride. Sourcing of specific appliques depends on the time available with the bride. Generally sourcing and thereafter sending pictures could vary anything between 2 to 7 days. The cost is also discussed at this stage so that some additions and deletions can be undertaken to suit the bride’s budget.
  5. Discuss with the bride any modifications that are required in the sketch and modify the sketch as per the inputs from the bride. The final costing is done at this stage.
  6. Confirm the final sketch and schedule an appointment for a video call for taking measurements.
  7. During the video call, a measuring tape and a friend / relative will be required by the side. Our designers will guide the bride on how to go about the measurement taking.
  8. Post obtaining the measurement, we start our process of pattern making and lehenga building.
  9. Once the outfit is ready the designer will get in touch with the bride to schedule the trial. The number of trials necessary may vary from 1 to a maximum of 3 depending on the type of alterations required.