How to Select the Best Lehenga Blouse for Your Body Type

How to Select the Best Lehenga Blouse for Your Body Type

When it comes to Indian ethnic wear, a beautifully designed lehenga can make you feel like royalty. However, the magic lies not just in the lehenga itself but also in the blouse that complements it. The right lehenga blouse design can elevate your entire look, enhancing your features and ensuring you feel confident and comfortable. At VAMA Designs, we understand the importance of this perfect fit. Here’s your ultimate guide to choosing the perfect lehenga blouse design.


Understanding the Basics of Lehenga Blouse Designs

Fabric Matters :

The choice of fabric is crucial when selecting a lehenga blouse. Common options include silk, velvet, georgette, and brocade. Each fabric has its unique appeal and suitability for different occasions. For example, silk and velvet are ideal for weddings and grand celebrations due to their rich texture and luxurious feel. In contrast, georgette and chiffon are lighter and more breathable, perfect for more casual or daytime events.


Neckline Styles :

The neckline of your blouse can significantly impact your overall look. Here are some popular styles:

Round Neck: A classic and versatile choice that suits most body types.

Square Neck: Offers a traditional yet stylish appearance, great for those with narrow shoulders.

Sweetheart Adds: Adds a touch of femininity and works well for those with a smaller bust.

High Neck: Elegant and sophisticated, perfect for formal events.

Halter Neck: Modern and chic, ideal for a contemporary twist.


Sleeve Lengths :

From sleeveless to full-length sleeves, the options are endless. Your choice should be based on your comfort level and the occasion:

Sleeveless: Bold and modern, perfect for summer events.

Short Sleeves: Classic and comfortable, suitable for any occasion.

Three-Quarter Sleeves: Elegant and modest, ideal for traditional functions.

Full Sleeves: Regal and sophisticated, great for winter weddings or grand celebrations.


Choosing the Perfect Fit

Body Type Considerations :

Understanding your body type is key to choosing a flattering lehenga blouse design. Here’s a quick guide:

Pear-Shaped: Opt for blouses with broader necklines and detailed sleeves to balance your proportions.

Apple-Shaped: Choose blouses with deeper necklines and structured fabrics to define your waist.

Hourglass: Almost any style will suit you, but fitted blouses with cinched waists will enhance your curves.

Rectangle: Go for blouses with embellishments and volume to add dimension to your frame.


Personal Style and Comfort :

While it’s important to consider fashion trends and body type recommendations, your personal style and comfort should always come first. Choose designs that resonate with you and make you feel your best. If you’re not comfortable in a certain style, it will show, no matter how beautiful the design is.


Color Coordination :

The color of your blouse should complement your lehenga and suit your skin tone. At VAMA Designs, we offer many colourful blouses with his matching lehenga, ready variety of occasions. For different color blouses we would be happy to discuss with you and help you out. 


Unique Back Designs

The back design of your blouse can be a showstopper. From deep U-backs to crisscross patterns and tassel tie-ups, there are numerous options to explore. A well-designed back can add a surprising element of style to your ensemble.



Choosing the perfect lehenga blouse design is an art that involves understanding your body type, personal style, and the occasion. At VAMA Designs, we offer a wide range of options to help you find the blouse that complements your lehenga and enhances your beauty. Explore our collection today at VAMA Designs and step into the world of elegance and style.


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