Pre, Present and Post Wedding Outfits!

Pre, Present and Post Wedding Outfits!

Once your partner gets down on his knees and enrolls you in that deep bond of 'Together Forever', excitement and hustle has no turning back! It is the checkpoint of the new journey of emotions and celebrations all together.

The moment you take that big step and promise to get married, there are so many facets which come along.  Click ample of pictures before you get married and enjoy to the fullest. Vama designs is going to make the most of this time and wear the best and most appropriate outfits for each occasion.

There are endless bridal and groom wear options when it comes to wedding events. From sangeet to mehendi to the wedding, the variety is flabbergasting.

Lets get started with some outfits which are like compulsions for your celebrations! Go through the pin pointed dress which you might have slipped your mind!



We would suggest add simpler outfits between your functions since we have bigger and heavier outfits coming up after that. This makes you less tired by the wedding day and you can actually have so much fun. Don’t shy away from experimenting with hair and makeup.

Here is a comfy and trendy Gharara piece or you can call it a jumpsuit (ya you can absolutely jump around in comparison to heavy lehengas). Also, phenonmenal to look at plus super easy to wear. You can also compliment your attire with a add on dupatta if needed! 

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Outfit -

We are not forgetting your sneak outs to spend time with your partner, just kidding! The courtship period is filled with anxiety and excitement right? Make the best of that time and click the best of, to-be husband and wife pictures together!

Find this fab outfit of exotic shades of pink. Figure hugged deep neck blouse and a flowing lehenga matched together which will surely make your clicks even more fascinating!


Different shades of yellow – from pale pastels to bright mustard yellows are auspicious picks for Haldi. Pick a smart Gharara in plain yellow, and pair with a dupatta. The flared dress will let you enjoy the feminine vibe, while the low ostentation will let your pure persona shine through!

Often this dress is a one time wear deal, so wisely select a smart outfit. Apart from yellow, you can also go for light pinks, beiges, copper tones and even off-whites with little specks of red or pink.


Coloring palms, decorating feet and arms with auspicious, sacred Henna powder is an important ritual of Indian and Middle-Eastern weddings. Mehendi or Henna is gorgeous when it’s fresh and green – but it gets lovelier as it leaves back its deep burgundy or maroon hued stain. Darker the impression, luckier it is considered!

You can go for a contrast scheme to the henna, as the mehendi and your deep smile should be in complete focus throughout!


As the name suggests, the Sangeet or Dance event, preceding the wedding is a glittery, fun event that’s all about grooving to the fun, foot-tapping melodies – peppered with lots of mingling, socialising and laughter.

The bride is the center of attention, indisputably, but she has good amount of competition from equally well dressed female relatives and friends. So, she has to take care of two things – she has to stand out, without going over the top – and she has to stay comfortable and relaxed enough to be able to enjoy this fun-filled event to the hilt.


The D-Day is here and it’s super unnerving. You have mastered your looks for all other functions, but feel clueless for your most important ceremony – the Wedding. Well, relax and stick to what your gut says. Stay true to your personal likes – and body type. Don’t get swayed blindly by others‘ advice or trend forecasts. It is great to follow fashion – but don’t get blinded by it.

Watch your coffers too – but always choose great quality – at least for your wedding day. Heavy embellishments and all-red traditional bridal lehenga are on their way out now – and not without reason. Blend traditions and fashion for the most auspicious and awaited time!

Rehersal dinner - There is no denial in the fact that every to-be bride will always want to spend more than ample of time with her family! Courtship span gets even more emotional as well as a jolly reason to stay together.

As the hands of time cannot be pulled back, make the best of it and look your best in this stunning Vama Designs outfit. Highly recommending this color and dress style. Sip your wine with this wine color garment on your way!

Cocktail Dinner-

The cocktail dinner, lets a bride be her informal best, flaunting her curves and svelte figure. Shopping for other functions could be easier considering a bride either opts for a lehenga and choli or saree for her wedding ceremony and receptions.

The cocktail dinner however is a bit tricky when it comes to choosing that perfect dress to display the bridal body with flat tummy you’ve worked on so hard for several months just so you look spectacular on your D-Day.

Reception- A grand and well-organised Reception function is fitting and apt conclusion to any glitzy wedding gala. And, it is a ceremony, when the bride makes her first appearance as the ‘Queen of her Husband’s domain’.

Thus, this has to be special, dreamy and fairy-tale like. Plus, this is a more westernized concept – so the themes selected are generally modish. Wedding Lehengas, Indo-Western Floor length ensembles and elegant colors are often selected, thus, by the modern-day brides for this important occasion.


Talking of the times after the marriage! The most common thing is, to know each others family, spend time with them. Back to back guests, parties, gatherings and get together usually follow the wedding. In all this process being presentable is a big task, as all the eyes of your relatives search for their blushing newly wed bride. Find a variety of all variety on our Vama Designs Bridal Couture Website!

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