Group Dressing!

Group Dressing!

When we unite for a celebration, the rythmic pattern in choosing the outfits give immense amount of pleasure. Dressing up for the bride and groom’s happiness is a very happy feeling! We tend to creatively not only plan the entire wedding but also every detail of all family members and that is where Vama Designs come for guidance!

There is a phsychology that our mind knows while thinking in choosing the outfits which should not overdo the outfit nor under dress yourself, and here is VAMA DESIGNS to help you with a way out in perfection!

With all the experience and knowledge of different concepts and themes of how the family or a group attending the wedding can dress is explained further.


RYTHM THEME - Looking different but same when in the group! Variety in style and rythm in the color, isn’t it a pleasing and vibrant set of theme!

You can choose according to your preference and decide on the color like this attractive red and gold combination!


COMPLEMENTING THEME - If you are ought to be around the bride for all the pictures, how about you give her all the limelight for her wedding? Dress in contrasting nature with isolation of the brides outfit’s color.

Complement each other with complementing color scheme of the outfits! You can choose harmony in the color and variety in terms of style!


HARMONY THEME - Is your decor in the most elegant and classic choice? Then go for these pastel beauties. Self coloued intricately made hand embroidery looks like a masterpiece artwork when seen in one picture!

Choose these pretty-in-pastel theme and feel overjoyed with elegance and magnificence!!


STYLE THEME - Cutest combination of cool meeting warm! We feel that gold is the most authentic color when it comes to traditional wear for indian staye of weddings and here is how golden plays a subtle role in beautifying every outfit!

Look unique individually yet in harmony with each other too with this balance of cool and warm color!


PASTEL THEME - Doesn't this picture remind you of the princesses in the fairytales? Well we are in awe with this pastel themed hand embroidered ethnic wear!

Be a group of bridesmaids, family cousins and relatives or a group of friends, all tend to look picture perfect for the delightful wedding you are planning to attend!

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