Fusion Weddings!

Fusion Weddings!

Have you ever wondered how does God find a perfect melange of two souls? Where LOVE is not defined to a place nor does it hold any barrier! Where matches are made straight from heaven. They just know to love and romanticize the forever and ever growing bond.

We've known such matches where different countries and cultures blend in magnificent ties! Known as fusion weddings, where the languages might not be understood but the eyes and heart speaks!

Have a look at our clients where either of them is a Indian, also love the Indian culture and hook up in a Indian marriage ceremony as well!


Meet Rohit & Marisa a lovely and adorable couple. They absolutely looked liked love birds and literally bloomed like a fresh flower on their wedding day. Smartly selected color of ivory white and tinch of purple, Marisa selected a beautifully styled hand embroidered lehenga with a stylish fairy blouse. Can't get over this stunning look matching the decor as well!


For their Sangeet they color complimented the outfits. Every inch of the attire looked thoroughly eye catching and alluring! It was beautiful, classy and so pretty that it will make you want to get married.


It is always a treat to watch a couple get married in traditional Indian attire. Here is Jamie & Varun. Amazingness and precision are at its peak with warm and coordinated colors in a vibrant outdoor Indian celebrations!


Brianna had a plethora of emotions and affection on full display. There is something so serene and beautiful about blue outfits which captures all the romantic and precious moments. Glamorous and modern, this amazing ensemble maintains the sophistication fit for the queenly bride and king like bridegroom.


Jane was looking for something that wasn't as conventional in terms of colors, but was fancy enough for my own wedding but also suitable to wear as a guest to other events. With diversity of offerings, and stylishness of clothing she found a perfect match for her wedding day! 


 Everything seems so wonderful when you find the partner with whom you want to spend your life with! Vama Designs Bridal Couture is here to make sure that the most splendid moment of your life is set to perfection! It feels wonderful where the curated outfits come out with flying colors on our clients! Check out our website to order now and give us a chance to serve you more. You can follow us of Instagram, Facebook, Yelp and Pinterest!

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