Insights by Niki P. For Vama Designs

Insights by Niki P. For Vama Designs

Niki P. From San Francisco, CA :

This is long overdue, but my husband and I got our outfits from VAMA design (his wedding outfit and my reception outfit).

The service is amazing, the quality is great, and we couldn't be more happy with our purchase! Vaijayanti Aunty (VAMA's owner) has super unique pieces that you can't find anywhere in the Bay.

For my husbands outfit: she worked with us to customize his entire outfit based on what he wanted. He also got customized shoes and shawl to match my outfit!

For my reception outfit: I looked everywhere to find something similar, went to multiple stores in the Bay Area and India and contacted so many people. Unfortunately, no one had what I was looking for. I decided to visit VAMA and walked in the front door and saw the perfect dress hanging on the manikin, which ended up being my outfit.

I highly recommend her! You really can't go wrong with VAMA! Best service and product in the Bay, and Vaijayanti Aunty is so nice and amazing to work with!


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