Quarantine Weddings

Quarantine Weddings

Fortunately or unfortunately this quarantine time is compromising on the guest list for the wedding! But one thing is assured that your wedding dress will be the most prominent! Vama Designs gives you the best from intricate designs to handcrafted embroidery.

Be it virtual weddings on video calls or social distancing. Every eye will be eagerly waiting to watch the bride walk down the aisle with her loved ones. The groom waiting still with a heart filled with love. They be wearing the Vama Designs best outfit of there life for the beautiful journey of their life.

So lets start with a quick guide from where to begin!

Select a theme/ style combination - Wondering how to make special moments even more special? Are your guests waiting and highly excited for different functions of the wedding! Be it attending online wedding sessions or social distanced wedding, don't compromise on looking stunning! We will help you plan and execute a theme which can be selected from the following options:-
  • Mix n match style
  • Monotonous attire
  • Complementary schemes with different outfits (like if its color red- saree, lehenga, gharara, anarkali, all in the same fashion!)
  • Contrast scheme with the bride (specially for sangeet soire)
  • Different dresses with same draping style!

Choose your chic dream dress - Shopping for the wedding no longer has those heavy bags to walk with throughout the market. Just a Video Consulting Call and we got the perfect most outfit for the Bride, her family and Bridesmaids.

Covering the latest trends bridal wear, Vama Designs not only follow current fashion but believes in making trends! We always adhere inspirations, techniques and heritage from the traditional fashions and present them with a contemporary touch. Lets go through some exciting styles to boost up your selection!

  • Blouse styles like Deep neck V-Line, off shoulders, backless, 3/4th length blouse pattern and puffy style.
  • Ruffled Skirts and drapes.
  • Double dupatta fashion (one for the lehenga and one to cover the head).
  • Embellished blouses with elegant lehenga.



Customize your mask - So once you have selected a color or coordinated pattern and outfit, then comes the most essential part where the utmost focus is on your health! Now this quarantine wedding season has not only stunning outfits but also a additional customized accessory, 'A Mask'! 

It somehow takes us to that era where eyes do the talking and the dress defining the feelings. With chic and intricate attire, a look alike mask is of utmost importance for both, health, fashion and of course for some beautiful pictures!

And the day has come - All the preparations seem to be less till the reel days finally arise to the real wedding day! Here is a salient tip for you, that is, a flowing veil! You might feel that veils are a orthodox term, but trust us, that is the best felling as a bride, as a bride's parents who will walk their apple of the eye to her partner and of course the bridegroom!

Also,it is a trick to arouse excitement for everyone who is eager to see the most beautiful face. It is also considered auspicious to cover your head while the marriage ceremony takes place. Veils also flaunt the stunning dupatta and the entire attire of the bride. It gives a hygiene check as well. At last, that feeling, when your partner furls that dupatta over the top is a undefinable moment for sure!

Capture the precious moments- The order of cakes layers can ask for compromise this quarantine season but not the layers of fabric ruffles and embroidery work on you outfit! Flaunting the flare of your lehenga should be a must have picture for your functions. Also, do ask your choreographer to add some extra turns in your dance to enjoy the prime time in your ruffled outfit, kidding!

As everyone is implementing and adjusting the 'NEW NORMAL'. We are helping the brides to relax and let Vama Design function to let you find exactly what you are looking for! This quarantine season might curtail some cardinal notions, but we assure that wedding dress will be of utmost perfection!

Not only the bride, but we also specialize is bride's maids outfits, other relatives and guests attending the wedding as well! Social distancing can keep us in distance but our hearts are always intact. We will always want to see each other and always want ourselves to be presentable in all celebrations, festivities and events!

Check out our vivid collections at Vama Design Bridal Couture at our website. We also channelize on Instagram, Facebook, Yelp and Tik Tok.



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